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Laboratory Equipments

Laboratory Equipments

General Information (Physical Facilities, Number of Laboratories and Classrooms etc.)

In our department, there are 6 laboratories in total, including 4 research laboratories which are Patch-Clamp and Evoked Potential Laboratory, Electromagnetic Field and Biomechanics Laboratory, Animal Behavior Laboratory and Electrobiophysics Laboratory, 1 Student Laboratory and 1 Experimental Animal Laboratory. Our laboratories are used for scientific research and project studies, as well as for educational activities. In our laboratories;

  • Using electrobiophysical measurement system; electromyography (EMG), electroencephalography (EEG), electrooculography (EOG), electrocardiography (ECG), nerve stimulation and conduction velocity measurements, muscle contractions, arterial and venous pressures can be recorded in humans and experimental animals.
  • Tensile and compression performances of bone can be measured with the bone biomechanical test device.
  • With the muscle biomechanical test device, parameters related to muscle dynamics can be measured.
  • With the soft tissue biomechanical test device, the tensile performance of tissues such as tendon and skin can be recorded.
  • Bioelectrical events at single cell level can be examined with the microelectrode recording system.
  • With the patch-clamp system, ion channel currents are recorded and analyzed.
  • With the magnetic field setup, the effects of the electric and magnetic fields, that we are constantly exposed to, on the biological system can be investigated.
  • By measuring body impedance with electrical bioimpedance (impedance cardiography or TEB: Thoracic Electrical Bioimpedance) system, hemodynamic parameters of the cardiovascular system can be determined.


List of Tools-Equipments and Devices in Biophysics Department Laboratories

1.      MP100 ve MP160 Biopac Recording and Analysis Systems: EMG, EEG, EKG, EOG, nerve conduction and conduction speed, etc. electrobiophysical recordings and muscle contractions, arterial and venous pressure, etc. biomechanical records are made with this device.

            STM100 Stimulator

            UIM100 A Analogue Channels

            CTA 200 Transducer Module

            General Purpose Amplificator






2.      Intracellular Recording Systems: These systems are used for recording and analysis of bioelectrical activity of single cells, electrical properties of ion channels in cell membrane, activator – inhibitor researches and so on.

                Microelectrode System: It is used for examining electrobiophysical parameters such as resting membrane potentials, action potentials, synaptic potentials of nerve and muscle cells, and effects of drugs or other chemicals on these parameters.

                        Microelectrode System Setup

                        Stereo Zoom Microscope

                        Stimulus Isolator

                        Intracellular Amplifier

                        Solution Ünit

                        Cold Light Source


                        Heating Circulator

                Patch Clamp System: Elektrobiyofiziksel bir ölçüm yöntemidir. Mikroelektrot aracılığı ile hücre membran potansiyeli istenilen bir değere kenetlenerek membrandan geçen iyonik akım değişimi veya akım kenetlenerek hücre membran potansiyel değişimi kaydedilir. Bu teknikle tüm hücreden ve/veya tek bir iyon kanalından kayıt alınabilir.

It is an electrobiophysical measurement method. By clamping the cell membrane potential to a desired value through the microelectrode, the ionic current change or by clampimg current the cell membrane potential change is recorded.

                        Patch Clamp System Setup

                        Dijidata 1322A Dijitiser

                        Multi Clamp 700B

                        Invert Microscope

                        Automatic Micromanipulator

                        Sutter Instrument


3.      Biomechanical Measurement Systems: These systems enable to examine the biomechanical properties of biological tissues and their behavior against force.and for this purpose; enable recording, measurement and analysis of maximum force that hard tissues such as bone and/or soft tissues such as skin and tendons can withstand, maximum deformation they undergo, stiffness, energy they store, maximum stress, strain, elasticity coefficient and endurance parameters and the contraction force, contraction-relaxation rate, rhythm of contractible tissues such as muscle.

                Bone Biomechanics System

                        Tensile Test Device

                Soft Tissue Biomechanics System

                        Tensile Test Device (Used for soft tissues as Tendon, Skin etc.)

                Muscle Biomechanics System

                        Bath Controller

                        Temperature Controller

                        Speed Length Controller

                        Force Transducer System

4.      Magnetic Field Application Systems: These systems can produce pulsed or continuous magnetic fields in order to examine the effects of the magnetic field on biological tissues. Helmholtz bobin çiftiyle 0-1000 Hz frekans, 0-10 mT genlik ve 0-2500 µs dalga süresi aralıklarında üniform PMA üretebilir. These systems with the Helmholtz coil pair, can produce uniform PMF in the ranges of 0-1000 Hz frequency, 0-10 mT amplitude and 0-2500 µs wave duration.

                        Pulsed Electromagnetic Field System

                        Sinusoidal Electromagnetic Field System

5.      BK Precision 2522B Oscilloscope (2 Channels): The characteristic of the signal on the screen is revealed by adjusting the amplitude and time.

6.      Kenwood CS-6010 Oscilloscope (4 Channels): The characteristic of the signal on the screen is revealed by adjusting the amplitude and time.

7.      Stimulator: It serves to give electrical warning on the material to be worked. The amplitude and frequency of the signal to be applied can be adjusted.

8.      ISO 150-A Stimulus Isolated Power Supply: It is used for generate square pulses with adjustable polarization, amplitude and frequency.

9.      Preamplificator: It is used to see the incoming signal in the bioelectric measurement and observation instrument during the measurement. How many times the signal will be amplified can be adjusted.

10.  GPG-8018 Function Generator: A signal source that can generate stimuli in different wave types such as square, triangle, sinusoidal.

11.  MY64-6000 Series Digital Multimeter: Current, voltage, temperature and resistance values are measured with relevant electrode assembly by making the mode setting of the value which will be measured.

12.  ITT Multimeter: Current, voltage, temperature and resistance values are measured with relevant electrode assembly by making the mode setting of the value which will be measured.

13.  Spectrostar Nano ELISA Device: Used for determining antigen-antibody reactions, concentrations and exact quantities of peptides, proteins, antibodies and hormones in a sample.

14.  Daihan Homogenizer: Ensures that the substances that are insoluble in each other are separated into small particles and distributed homogeneously within each other.

15.  Onilab Centrifuge Device: Separation of the substances in the mixture from each other is achieved by the high speed rotation process. With this process, the substances with higher mass than the substances in the mixture are collected in the lower parts of the container.

16.  Weightlab Instruments Vibratom: Thin sections are taken from biological tissues by adjusting the vibration frequency.

17.  Lead Fluid Peristaltic Pump: This pump used for the displacement of various liquids. After adjusting how much liquid is displaced at what speed, it ensures that bath fluids are removed from the environment at a certain speed and a clean solution is provided to the environment.

18.  Thermo Scientific Incubator: It ensures that the optimum temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide and oxygen required for the growth of microorganisms planted in their nutrients are adjusted and kept constant.

19.  May Active-Passive Avoidance System: It is a system that allows observing the learning, memory, etc. qualities and behaviors of animals.

20.  Miprolab Distilled Water Device: It ensures that tap water is transformed into distilled (pure) water by purifying from ions and microorganisms for the preparation of solutions that should be used in experimental studies.



~     Power Supply

~     Valve Control VC 6 Channels

~     Magnetic Stirrer

~     Ph Meter

~     Digital caliper

~     Perfusion Pump

~     Weigher

~     Tissue Bath

~     Thermal Plantar Tester

~     Tail Pressure System

           - Restrainer

            - Tail Cuff

            - Heating