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Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Mersin University Faculty of Pharmacy Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry Graduate Program, depending on the Institute of Health Sciences was established in 2005. Master of Education in 2005-2006 Academic Year Fall semester started.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department has a sufficient infrastructure to conduct scientific studies. There are two research laboratories of 18, 48 and 56 m2.

Theses are carried out under the supervision of two professor doctor lecturers in the postgraduate program of Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department.

Pharmaceutical chemistry provides students with a thorough understanding of how the structural, stereochemical and physical parameters of drugs affect the biological interaction at the molecular level. After completing a Master’s course, students gain broad knowledge and application skills about pharmaceutical chemistry, synthetic organic chemistry, spectroscopic and chromatographic analysis. Pharmaceutical chemistry aims to give a critical thinking and evidence-based problem-solving skills to students.