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Pharmaceutical Chemistry Graduate Program

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Graduate Program

The educational and scientific studies in the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry has been begun in 2002. Until today, 16 students have graduated from the Master's (with Thesis) Program in the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and 1 student from the doctoral program. Currently, 4 master's and 3 doctoral students continue their education in the Department.

The academic staffs in the department continue to their original researches about various heterocyclic compounds, platinum complexes and primarily anticancer and other pharmacological activities and the publication of the research results in national/international journals/books and educational activities since 2002. The research activities and projects of the department are support by several institutions including Mersin University, TUBITAK, and other institutions and organizations.

There are several equipments in our research laboratories such as a microwave synthesis system, IR Spectroscopy, flahs chromotography system, melting point system, the route evaporators, vacuum pump, oven / vacuum oven and scales using during the studies, cooler and magnetic stirrer heating.

The studies and researches of the department are carried out in two laboratories of the faculty and new research laboratories established in Mersin University Advanced Technology, Training, Research and Application Center (MEİTAM).

The academic staffs serve on various committees, boards and departments in the university. The academic staff also participate as editor or reviewer in various national and international journals as well as panelist, reviewer, or adviser in the research projects supported by TUBITAK.

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