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Department of Public Health

Department of Public Health

Master’s Degree Program in Public Health

Health is not only the absence of illness and disability, but also a state of complete well-being in physical, mental, and social aspects. Everything that occurs around us has a direct or indirect influence on our health. It is undeniably accepted that societies living in healthy accommodation, using healthy drinking and utility water, and eating healthy food are healthier. For this reason, health services cannot be provided only with health institutions, but it is a multisectoral service arena. Scoping into the health and health services from this perspective constitutes the basis of the Contemporary Public Health view.

The modern public health view puts preventive and improvement health services at the center of health services. The main purpose is to prevent health deterioration. Therapeutic health services can only be a health service that complements preventive and developmental health services. In order for health services to be planned and carried out based on the view of Contemporary Public Health, it is important that those who work in health management and services adopt the Contemporary Public Health perspective and gain attitudes and behaviors in this regard.

A healthcare professional who has a graduate degree on Public Health should be able to recognize environmental and sociocultural factors that influence our health in general, identify the health problems of the society and produce solutions, and plan and manage the required health service. In this sense, it is predicted that the health workforce that our health organization needs in terms of management and service can be trained with this program.

Our master’s degree program in public health has been open since the year of 2012. Currently, our department has five full professors of public health. Up to date, we have two alumni of master’s degree in public health. Our master’s program is constantly open for those who have completed their undergraduate education in the field of health.

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